Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newton Running Shoe

Went for a test run in my new newton running shoes. Did a short 5 km run, felt very light in this shoe. But had a weird feeling on my right foot, i guessed i will need some time to adapt to a new running style. Overall, i started to enjoy running in this shoe as i did not feel any strain in my ITB. Maybe its still too early to tell....

These are the Newton's laws which i found in the shoe box,

Newton's 10 Laws of Running Better:

01 GET A PROPER FIT. Standing with your heels pulled to the back of your Newtons, you should have a thumb’s width in front of your longest toe. The ball of your foot should line up over the middle of the red actuator lugs.

02 INSERT ORTHOTICS IF NEEDED. Newtons are not a substitute for custom orthotics. Remove the sockliner to accommodate your custom footbeds for the ultimate ride.

03 PRACTICE GOOD FORM. Relax, lean slightly forward and shorten your stride. Your foot will naturally land on your midfoot at a point under your hips. Keep a high cadence and your stride length short. (Do not run on your toes.)

04 land-lever-lift. Good running technique is as simple as Land-Lever-Lift: Land quietly in an athletic position with each footstrike under your hips; Lever off the front of the lugs; Lift your knee (do not push off or pull back with the toes) to begin a new stride.

05 ADAPT SLOWLY. To adapt to Newton’s Action/Reaction Technology, start with short, slow runs (about a mile or so) a couple times a week for the first two weeks. Focus on good form and gradually increase your time and distance as your body feels ready. As with any sport, too much too fast can cause injury.

06 REDUCE FRICTION. Landing heavy, breaking on your heels, bounding on your forefoot and pushing off too hard with the toes all create friction. Excessive pounding creates more shock to your muscles, tendons, and bones. Land lightly and run smoothly and efficiently.

07 LEARN FROM YOUR SHOES. Newtons wear like tires. The shoes act like a coach. By studying the friction wear patterns, you can learn how to adjust and improve your running form.

08 KEEP THEM CLEAN. Hand wash with mild soap and air dry. Do not place in direct sunlight.

09 VISIT US ONLINE. Go to for more information, videos, tips and customer service. Share your stories and experiences.


More update on the shoe as the running mileage increases!


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