Sunday, March 15, 2009

TriBob Duathlon

Did my maiden Tribob duathlon, the event was very well organized and i had a pleasant time racing. There was another running event being held elsewhere, the Suburban run.

Arrived at the venue at around 0610 and managed to get a parking lot in the Mandai Crematorium as i was one of the few early birds. Gotta my bike ready and rode to the starting point. But then, there were a lot of participants at the transition area. The distances for this sprint Duathlon consisted of 3km run, followed by 15 km bike and then another 3 km run. The Men under 40 started at around 0730 and the Seletar reservoir was filled with "Fast and Furious" runners. The weather was very cooling and the bike route was spacious. I managed to finished the race in a hour time.

However, the well-organized event was marred by the loss of a participant's Cervelo P2C bike. Hopefully the stolen bike can be found and be returned to the poor chap.

The thief simply 'destroyed' the spirit of the Duathlon......

The Finishing Point

The podium

Managed to capture some bikes in the transition area:

Specialized Transition TriBike (Is Macca racing???)


Next stop, the Tribob Triathlon.


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